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TOC AI 2015 Reminders
With just a few short weeks away this year's Annual Institute is shaping up to be fantastic! We're ready to Connect, Learn, Lead by your active participation! Six things you need to know before you go: 1. If you have not already done so please register for the AI. You are not automatically registered with your TOC registration! 2. Our lunchtime Key Note Speakers are Dr. Trina Shields, Mr. Jim Kirkpatrick, and Ms. Susan Camarena. 3. Download Annual Institute App. 4. Monday night's mixer is at the AKA Speakeasy - be sure to dress in your finest 1920s ...
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TOC Annual Institute starts on April 26
Don't forget that your TOC membership includes the cost of the AI plus your room and board! This year the Annual Institute will be held in Roanoke, Virginia on April 26-29 at the beautiful Hotel Roanoke. The theme of the 2015 Institute is "Connect, Learn, Lead” with tracks in variety of content areas mapped to the OPM ECQs. See the Annual Institute Information Page for more information on the event. Remember: You have to register for the event even if you are an active member!
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Justification for 2015
Are you gearing up for next year's registration at TOC?  If so, you may find the justification used to support TOC registration useful.  Please see below for some nuggets you may use in justifying registration.   JUSTIFICATION FOR REGISTRATION IN THE TRAINING OFFICERS CONSORTIUM TOC Program Founded in 1938, the Training Officers Consortium (TOC) brings together federal learning professionals and experts from industry, academia, and state and local governments to exchange ideas, discuss issu...
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Do you know TOC?
The idea for aTraining Officers Luncheon Group came during a meeting of Presley W. Melton (Department of Agriculture) and John J. Harder (Social Security Board) following their participation in a panel discussion on training in September, 1938.   Shortly after, they brought together the first group of trainers which included H.L. Buckkart (Soil Conservation Service); H.A. Stevens (Interior Department); Karl Brooks (Labor Department); R.P. Farrington (Home Owners' Loan Corporation); J.K. Huddle (State Department); and Robert Hubbard (Department of Agricul...
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Annual Institute
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Tim Kavanagh
truED Relationship & Outreach Manager
Champlain College

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