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OPM Requires Rotational Assignments for ...
On May 29, 2016, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued guidance on the Executive Order (EO): Strengthening the Senior Executive Service (SES), dated December 15, 2015. The EO mandates several reform actions for the SES over the next three years. The actions include evaluation of the Qualifications Review Board process, simplification of the SES application process, and improvements to the SES development process. Of particular interest to TOC registrants are the provisions on SES development. The EO requires agencies with 20 or more SES to...
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How the Culture of an Organization Impac...
January's Professional Development Program featured Dr. Patrick Malone from the Key Executive Leadership Program at the American University. Dr. Malone delivered a thought-provoking talk exploring the seen, and unseen, forces within organizations that impact trust, placing them in a practical framework from which to hone effective leadership skills.  Click "> Read More" below to see the link to Dr. Malone's presentation.  
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2015-2016 Registration Now Open!
The Training Officers Consortium (TOC) Executive Board is excited to announce its 2016 Professional Development Program (PDP) as we open another exciting year. Registration is now open: You'll be able to enjoy every aspect of our 5-star professional program. The PDP includes: 10 monthly programs, an e-newsletter highlighting best practices, an engaging and interactive 3-day Institute with over 50 sessions that includes lodging/meals and an exhibitor showcase featuring the latest learning and development pr...
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Justification for 2015-2016
Are you gearing up for next year's registration at TOC?  If so, you may find the justification used to support TOC registration useful.  Please see below for some nuggets you may use in justifying registration.   JUSTIFICATION FOR REGISTRATION IN THE TRAINING OFFICERS CONSORTIUM TOC Program Founded in 1938, the Training Officers Consortium (TOC) brings together federal learning professionals and experts from...
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Do you know TOC?
The idea for aTraining Officers Luncheon Group came during a meeting of Presley W. Melton (Department of Agriculture) and John J. Harder (Social Security Board) following their participation in a panel discussion on training in September, 1938.   Shortly after, they brought together the first group of trainers which included H.L. Buckkart (Soil Conservation Service); H.A. Stevens (Interior Department); Karl Brooks (Labor Department); R.P. Farrington (Home Owners' Loan Corporation); J.K. Huddle (State Department); and Robert Hubbard (Department of Agricul...
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