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TOC Annual Report
As we kick-off the 2014-2015 program year, reflect on some of TOC successes, milestones and financials during the 2013-2014 program year by reading the 2013 -2014 Annual Report.  To read the Annual Report click here.
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Early Bird Registration
TOC Early Bird Registration is now open through August 29! Now is your opportunity to save $70 and utilize year-end funds to obtain professional development resources for your employees to navigate new career development and networking opportunities. Your end of year funds goes further with our discount! To register, visit us and click on the Join tab to register for $1,425 by August 29. The registration fee will increase to $1,495, beginning August 30. Join us in 2015 and experience what people are saying about ...
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New TOC Testimonials!
  This is the best organized Institute. Great balance between learning, networking and fun. The friendliness is welcoming. God bless all the leaders, organizers, volunteers and sponsors. Well done!! Gabe Hamda, ICATT Consulting, Inc.   As a first-timer, this experience has fundamentally changed my expectations of what an institute should be. From the welcome at registration to the closing luncheon, I have felt that my decision to attend was well worth it! I not only will be at future institutes, it is guaranteed I will be bringing others ...
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Justification for 2015
Are you gearing up for next year's registration at TOC?  If so, you may find the justification used to support TOC registration useful.  Please see below for some nuggets you may use in justifying registration.   JUSTIFICATION FOR REGISTRATION IN THE TRAINING OFFICERS CONSORTIUM TOC Program Founded in 1938, the Training Officers Consortium (TOC) brings together federal learning professionals and experts from industry, academia, and state and local governments to exchange ideas, discuss issu...
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Do you know TOC?
The idea for aTraining Officers Luncheon Group came during a meeting of Presley W. Melton (Department of Agriculture) and John J. Harder (Social Security Board) following their participation in a panel discussion on training in September, 1938.   Shortly after, they brought together the first group of trainers which included H.L. Buckkart (Soil Conservation Service); H.A. Stevens (Interior Department); Karl Brooks (Labor Department); R.P. Farrington (Home Owners' Loan Corporation); J.K. Huddle (State Department); and Robert Hubbard (Department of Agricul...
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TOC Board Blog
Tell us about your experiences...
Hello everyone!  What a fantastic Institute this year!  We on the Board hope you enjoyed the 2013 Training Officers Consortium Annual Institute.  Also, we saw a lot of great interaction, l...
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Evaluation of TOC Monthly Prog...
As we approach the end of the 2012-2013 Program year, we begin looking ahead to next year.  We want you to know that we value your feedback and would like to hear what you thought about the programs fro...
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The new TOC website
Over the past year, we have been working with our website host to revamp the TOC website.  There were some key things we used to drive these revisions.  Specifically, we wanted our website to become a...
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Matthew Turley
Director, CSD
Department of State

Margo Palmer
VP Government Programs
ICATT Consulting, Inc.

Derilene McCloud
National Account Executive
Apollo Education Group

Katina Slavkova
Educational Programs Manager
Government Affairs Institute

Ralph Lide
Training Officer

Laura Sharon
Relationship Manager

Karen Poole
U.S. Census Bureau

Andrew Leighton
Organization Development
Metropolitan Washington Airpor...

Matthew Turley
Director, CSD
Department of State

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