February Professional Development Program Recap

ChrisECQ 4: Business Acumen, ECQ 5: Building Coalitions, Leadership Development

Josh Hudner photographDuring our Professional Development Program in February, we welcomed Josh Huder, Ph.D., to discuss the 115th Congress. Josh is a Senior Fellow at The Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating federal employees about Congress and its operation. Josh delivered a memorable talk about the realities of Congressional relations with the Executive Branch, and what we can expect out of the 115th Congress.

Earlier in the week, Josh was a guest on the “For Your Benefit” segment of Federal News Radio. If you missed the February TOC Program,  you can hear Josh talk about the same topics on the recording of this Federal News Radio segment: http://federalnewsradio.com/for-your-benefit/2017/02/what-to-expect-during-the-115th-congress/