Webinar: Take Control by Cultivating Intentional Culture

Chris Webinar

View Recording. Download the slides. (PDF) Looking for a way to tune up your team? Know the best way to make things stick when culture needs to evolve and change? In today’s forced-virtual world, it’s more important than ever for a leader to take control of culture rather than to be controlled by culture. You need a deliberate approach to … Read More

Webinar: The State of Congress and Political Impacts on the Federal Workforce in 2021 and Beyond

Chris Webinar

View recording. 2020 and the years leading up to it have created a very divisive and politically challenging environment for a number of Federal employees.  With shifting priorities, Agency consolidation recommendations, budget reductions, resignations of key senior administration officials coupled with a significant increase in departures of senior executive servants, Government employees find it sometimes difficult to remain focused on … Read More

Webinar: Creating a Culture of Respect and Civility

Chris Webinar

View recording. Download handouts (PDF) With increasing globalization comes diversification in the workplace. As organizations turn to hiring employees from many parts of the world, the need for cultural understanding is at its greatest. Culture shapes the values, habits and thinking patterns which impact work life from communication to time management. If you are visiting another country, working with a … Read More

Authentic Leadership in a Context of Crisis

Chris Symposium

We each have an inner sense that tells us when we are experiencing authenticity, integrity, and congruency. However, that inner knowing can become clouded and distorted by fear. How can leaders provide assurance and confidence to move forward and through a crisis without false promises or blaming and shaming others to provide the the temporary security others may be seeking? … Read More

Managing Teams in a Remote Environment

Chris Webinar

Banner for Managing Teams in a Remote Environment webinar

Watch the recording. Download the Further Reading document. (PDF) In a world where the pandemic has forced distance between us; beyond Zoom fatigue (it’s real!) and ad hoc telework agreements; past the technology hurdles and the internet bottlenecks; out at the end of the fiber optic cable is your team. Managing a team in the old world was hard enough. … Read More

TOC 65th Annual Distinguished Service Awards Ceremony

Chris TOC Awards

Watch the recording. TOC is pleased to announce the 65th Annual Distinguished Service Awards Ceremony. The awards program was launched in 1955 to stimulate improved government-sponsored training programs through recognition of individuals, teams or agencies making significant contributions to the Federal training community. The 65th Annual Awards Ceremony was held virtually on September 15, 2020 from 12:00 p.m.- 1:30 p.m. … Read More

TOC Program Year Kickoff and Moving from Diversity and Inclusion to Equity and Belonging

Chris Professional Development Program

Watch the Recording (“Moving from Diversity and Inclusion to Equity and Belonging” begins at 28:02) Download the TOC 2020-21 Program Year slides. Download the Moving from Diversity and Inclusion to Equity and Belonging slides. Join us for the kick off the Training Officers Consortium 2020-2021 program year. In this two-part session the TOC Executive Board will reveal the plans for … Read More

Webinar: The Neuroscience of Gratitude – What Leaders Need to Know About This New Neural Knowledge

Chris Webinar

Watch the recording. Download the Gratitude Workbook. Download the Gratitude workbook in Spanish. Watch the Science of Gratitude video on YouTube (2:07) Imagine a community of leaders able to surpass the limitations of traditional leadership strategies and proactively address the negative consequences inherent in today’s high stress, often conflict laden, challenging work environments. Imagine leading from a strengths-based philosophy armed … Read More

Resilience: The Art of Failure, Recovery, and Success

Chris Professional Development Program

In an ever-changing, uncertain work environment, resilience is a must. Optimism, a positive attitude, emotional intelligence, and the ability to embrace failure positions managers and leaders for success. The impact on mind, body, and organization is not only important, it’s measurable. When managers are able to engage in accurate self-assessment and a clear analysis of potential decisions, they are poised … Read More

Webinar: Building the Business Case for Learning and Development

Chris Webinar

Watch the Recording. It can be challenging to gain executive buy-in for an investment in talent management process and technology improvements, especially when the return may not be immediately measurable or apparent. This can be especially frustrating when the cost of doing nothing – which may be greater than the initial investment – goes unrecognized. The key is to present … Read More