TOC Scholarship Program

Each year the Training Officers Consortium presents a scholarship gift to the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Foundation. This gift provides financial assistance to two outstanding incoming freshmen who have graduated from a Washington, DC public high school, and are interested in earning a degree at UDC.

Scholarship Guidelines: The primary criteria used to select the recipients will include:

  • A history of academic excellence, as demonstrated by transcripts from grades 10, 11, and to date. Information to include conversion percentages if a letter grade is given.
  • An appropriate response to an essay question not to exceed 500 words by the applicant (essay question enclosed separately).
  • Two references one familiar with the applicant’s academic history and one familiar with the applicant’s community involvement. References cannot be related to the applicant.
  • A demonstrated involvement in school and community activities. The applicant’s response to the essay question and references will be used to determine eligibility for this criteria.

TOC Scholarship Committee

Co-Chair – Shanda Adams
Co-Chair – Mike Powell

For information contact