2019 Spencer Logan Award

Al Tyree

Al Tyree has been a dedicated public servant for 26 years in the Washington, DC academic community, working for George Washington University (GWU) and the Graduate School USA. He has been a vice president, director, senior program manager, mentor, facilitator, media coach, consultant, marketing manager, faculty member, curriculum designer and trainer. He has provided leadership in a broad range of Graduate School programs and was responsible for extensive marketing campaigns. Listed below are key positions Al has held:

  • Vice President, Business Relations and Learning Solutions, Graduate School USA (GS/USA) 
Director, Business Relations and Learning Solutions (GS/USA)
  • Director, Marketing and Communications (GS/USA)
  • Director, Business Development (GS/USA)
  • Senior Program Manager (GS/USA)
  • Information Specialist & Education Marketing Manager (GWU)

Al’s dedication to the Washington, DC training community has been steadfast. His role in TOC has been extensive and of enormous value to the Consortium:

  • Registrant, 1991-present (28 years)
  • Executive Board Member, 2004-2013, 2017-present (11 years)
  • Public Relations/Outreach Chair, Recruitment & Marketing 
Chair, Logistics Chair
  • Awards Committee Member (multiple years)
  • Institute Service: attended 28 Institutes; Chair (2004), Presenter 
(3 years), Special Events Chair (multiple years), Logistics Chair (multiple years), Program Committee (multiple years)

Al has served the T&D profession, GWU, the GS/USA, the Federal government and TOC with a low-key profile while providing a solid and lasting impact. When Al learned of his nomination for the SLA, he wrote “my heart is full and I feel so honored.” Al’s education includes Hampton University (BA: Mass Media Arts & Speech Communication) and GWU (MA in Education: Human Resources Development/Organizational Effectiveness/Adult Learning). His community volunteer work is impressive with service in a number of organizations (e.g., Habitat for Humanity, Homeless Outreach). Through his solid ethics, his unwavering dedication and his ardent leadership, Al has been an outstanding role model for the T&D community. Al is truly deserving of TOC’s most prestigious Spencer Logan Leadership Award, 2019.